I'm Steve, and I make fun and immersive eLearning solutions!

I'm passionate about designing and developing learner-centered experiences that are as enjoyable as they are effective. You can view some of my recent work below, or head over to my Portfolio for more. If you'd like to know additional details about me, you'll find them on About.

The Customer Connection

Your Perfect Bike

Excel: Data Organization & Functions

What I Bring:


I tailor projects to set a visual and writing style that is appropriate for the subject and the target group


I design per WAI standards to minimize barriers for learners with visual and hearing impairments


Projects are designed with ease-of-use in mind, so that learners can jump in and get started right away


Projects are subjected to feedback and tested thoroughly to ensure a smooth, error-free experience


I create scenarios that respond differently to learner choices, giving extra help where it’s needed the most


I design gamified interactions to increase engagement and create fun practice opportunities

"Steven's work has helped my team to approach their tasks more independently and with more confidence. He would be a great asset to anyone looking for solutions to present content in a clear but engaging way"

-Melanie Mulder, Customer Support Manager

Get in Touch!

Ready to talk? Feel free to drop me an email at contact@stevenchea.com or a direct message through LinkedIn, and let's discuss what we can do together!