This project was commissioned by a New Zealand-based provider of health care services, in order to train staff on how to follow health and safety procedures that are in compliance with the standards put forth by the Health and Safety in Employment Act. The project was conceptualized, designed, and storyboarded by other team members, while I was responsible for development of the end product. Note: this project has been altered from the original version which was provided to the client, to remove any branding and identifying information.

Audience: Employees at a health care services company

Responsibilities: eLearning Development

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline


Using a storyboard which was created with Microsoft PowerPoint as a reference, I developed the project in Articulate Storyline.

An initial challenge concerned how to tailor the experience to meet the unique needs of different departments in the company, such as those who work in the administrative office, and those who work in a retail location. This was dealt with by creating several paths in the course that cover the same content, but present it within department-appropriate scenarios. The learner is prompted to specify their role at the beginning to ensure that they end up on the most suitable path.

The overall complexity of the project, which is responsive to the learner's answers to questions and their overall score, required careful organization and precise application of variables and triggers.


As this project was done early in my e-learning career, being able to examine and understand the design work of others exposed me to many important ideas and principles to consider for effective e-learning. I became more familiar with how to personalize experiences, how to use feedback to build knowledge even when a learner answers incorrectly, and how to create believable situations for learners to apply acquired skills. These are all lessons that I continue to apply to my current work.